JEHM eases the often complicated clinical trial process by connecting doctors and patients to groundbreaking studies. JEHM specializes in placing the patient first, and is constantly adopting new and innovative practices to ensure clinical trial integrity and safety. JEHM currently works with doctors, patients, and clinical research sites in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and San Diego. JEHM also offers site management consultation services and explores alternative technological advancements in the clinical research space. 


Why Participate in a Clinical Study?  

The development of a new drug requires several years of research and a variety of tests to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness. Clinical studies in humans are one of the final stages of this process, and often result in new devices, therapies, and cures for millions of others.  


You Are Not An Experiment

Despite common misconceptions, clinical research does not subject patients to cold experiments or heartless medical procedures, but instead provides countless participants a chance to be on the forefront of medical advancement and treatment. JEHM takes great efforts to ensure all patients in clinical research trials are active team members during every step of the trial process, and specializes in providing studies that can help patients in the here and now.   

If you believe you could possibly benefit from a clinical trial recommended by your physician, or desire to connect with clinical trial networks, please don't hesitate to contact us.